Brake Service, Repair and Testing in Arundel


With regards to brake systems, never wait until brake repairs are actually required.

Regular checks like those in our 65 point vehicle report, which accompanies all full car services performed by Auto Stop Gold Coast, are necessary to ensure the vehicle's brakes are ready to stop you in time. Our expert service crew can advise you if they feel that servicing or repairs of the vehicle's braking system is necessary so it doesn't turn into a more serious problem.

Brake services available at Auto Stop Gold Coast include:

  • Replace The Brake Pads
  • Brake Fluid Flush And Replacement
  • Rotor And Drum/Brake Disc Resurfacing or Machining
  • Replacement Brake Discs And Drums
  • Replacement Of Brake Calipers
  • Brake Lines/Hose Replacement
  • Replacement Of Complete Brake Systems

Get more information about Brake Services from your Repco Authorised Dealer Here.

If you percieve any indicators that a car's braking system could be overdue for a servicing book in and have the brakes of your vehicle checked out from our Arundel car service workshop today.




Brake Service By Qualified Mechanic

Brake warning signs to vigilant for:

  • Swerving When Brakes Used
  • Vibration Under Brake application
  • Sticky Brake Pedal
  • Brakes Are Noisy
  • Swerving When Brakes Used
  • Vibration Under Brake application
  • Brake Light Is Lit
  • Spongy Feel to Brake Pedal
  • Changes In Stopping Distance
  • Hard Brake pedal

To find more information regarding these warning signs along with their likely causes visit 5 Warning Signs your Brakes need servicing

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